We are a boutique company offering online technology focused brain power to businesses in Middle East

Starting from high-end digital and technology consultancy and education through hands-on implementation, ending with staff augmentation. All in all, we work with our clients to equip operation and business functions with digital and technology tools and knowledge in order to boost their results. We are and will be a boutique company – this gives us ability to deliver most bespoke, highest quality experience to our clients.

business orientation is the first priority

One part strategy consultancy, another digital experts, both parts committed to transform clients we work with. Along with models and coding, we understand underlying business dynamics and customer needs. This lets us translate insights from data into real impact for client, ultimately changing how the operations work in your organisation. 

digital is our strong side

We will provide you with a comprehensive set of services spanning the entire digitalisation life-cycle. From solution through implementation to ongoing analysis and maintenance.

only measurable impact

Our way of working is always about measurable impact. As a starting point we define metrics as an end point we check the delta. Having a proven impact, once tools and models are implemented, we focus on capability building and skill transferring to ensure sustained competitive advantage.

Middle East is our region

Business dynamics in Middle East are different. Consumers are different. With relevant experience in consumer and business operations in the region we are a better choice. This differs us from international large consulting groups –  we are MENA first company and we can help your business better having the inside out understanding of MENA region.

Are you a forward-thinker looking to embrace technology in your company?

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